Types of computer
  1. What types of computer are there?
  2. What are they used for?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

What I am?

Have a look at the description of the computer type and see if you can guess what type of computer it is.

Computer A

I am a portable computer that is often used for office tasks(word processing and spreadsheets). In order to extend my battery life and reduce the build cost I often have an integrated Graphics Processor, which is not very powerful, but lets me play movies and older games.


Laptop/Net-book Computer

These general purpose computers combine power, portability and a full QWERTY keyboard, making them excellent for office or school work on the go.




Computer B

I am the most common computer used in the world today and I am so small that I can easily fit in your pocket. I am mainly used for voice and electronic communication and playing games.


Smart Phone

We often don’t think of smartphones as computers but they are! In fact they often have multi-core processors that are more powerful than those in desktop computers just a few years ago!





Computer C

I am the computer you will most commonly see in classrooms and offices. I generally have a quite powerful processor and graphics card, and I am the easiest computer to upgrade or fix.


Desktop Computer

Up until recently desktop computers were the most popular type of Personal Computer (PC), however these are rapidly being replaced by laptops, tablets and mobile phones. They have the advantage of being very powerful for the price and are used primarily in offices and schools, or for gaming machines at home.





Computer D

I am a handheld touch-screen computer and I often have a 7 or 10 inch screen. Although I have only been around for the last few years I have proved very popular with both business and home users.


Tablet PC

These highly portable machines have proved incredibly popular in recent years, due to a mix of very long battery life, HD video streaming capabilities and the ease of use and installing apps.


Computer E

I am small computer ( sometimes as small as a single microchip!) that usually lives inside of a device such as a TV, fridge or UAV. I am often used for one or two specific purposes. I am very popular with hobbyists and schools because I am cheap and allow the development of lots of different types of projects.



These little machines have become incredibly popular over the last few years. Popular types include the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and MicroPython Microcontrollers.





Exploring the world of ComputerTown

cptown snapshot

The object of this activity is to explorer the small town of ComputerTown ( Imaginative eh?) and to find out about each of the different types of computer that we use in the world today.




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ComputerTown Game Link

Create a Padlet of different Computer Types

Link to Padlet


Go to padlet.com and create a padlet of the different types of computer.


You must sign up for an account before you create the Padlet, otherwise you might not be able to find your Padlet again!


Here is a Padlet I started myself to give you an example of what to do.

[padlet key=’ik650rg0m0y’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

Once you have finished, make sure you embed the Padlet in your learning log. ( Just like I did above!)


Have you…?checklist2

Have you…

  • Found all 7 types of computer?

  • Completed the Types of Computer Learning Log

  • Created a Padlet and added it to your learning log?

  • Written down your homework?

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Finish off your PC Types Padlet and make sure you have embedded it in your learning log.






Computer Town – Windows Installable Version.

The web version can be a bit laggy. Here is the windows installable if you need it.

Computer Types Worksheet

Alternative to using the online learning log.