Explore the types of computers we use today

In this unit we take a look at the fundamentals(basics) of computers.and we start off by¬†taking a look at the different types of computers that are available. There has been a massive explosion in the numbers of different types of computers on the market, and the traditional notion of a computer -the black box in the corner of the room – has all but been replaced with a variety of different devices, each with it’d own strengths and weaknesses.

Next we take a look at the processor, the ‘brain’ of the computer – although we will quickly learn that it is no brain at all, just a very powerful calculator that can do billions of calculations per second. After¬†that we have a look at the motherboard, the ‘backbone’ of the computer which connects all the other devices together .

Next we move on the devices that allow us humans to interact with computers – input and output devices – how have these devices developed and what does the future hold?

We then take a look at primary and secondary storage devices – RAM,ROM, Hard Drives, etc… We look at the purpose of each device and explore some of their strengths and weaknesses.

And finally we take a look at Operating Systems, the programming code that brings all the hardware together!