1. What is a flowchart?
  2. What do the flowchart symbols represent?
  3. How do I make a flowchart?

Click on the Google drawing below see if you can complete the flowchart.


Key Definition – Flowchart

ic_action_edit A flowchart is a type a diagram that uses shapes and arrows to represent an algorithm.

Rounded rectangle – Start  / End

start end flowchart symbol

Used to start and end all flowcharts. Some flowcharts have no ending!

Line Connectors

line connectors flowchart

Used to show how the program flows from one command to the next. Line connectors can join together ( as seen on the right) but must never split up!


Rectangle – A process

process flowchart symbol

Used when the program needs to do or calculate something.

Parallelogram – Input / Output

input-output flowchart symbol

This is used to get input from the user, such as asking them a question or checking if they have pressed a button on a gamepad. Also used to output information to the user, such as displaying pictures or sound on the screen, or playing a sound through the speakers.

Diamond Shape – Decisions

Decision flow chart symbol

Diamonds are used for decisions and always MUST be connected with 3 arrows.

1 connector flowing in/

2 Connectors ( Never more!!!) 1 For true(yes) and one for false(no).

This is important because all algorithm decisions must be yes/no answer questions.


  • What is the aim of the algorithm?
  • What shape is used to represent a decision?
  • What change is made to the algorithm in order to break the loop problem?

Choosing a board-game flowchart

Take a look at this flowchart. It is designed to help people decide which type of board game to play.


Your mission

Design your own flowchart, from the following options:

  • What computer game to play
  • What movie to watch
  • What hobby to take up.


Find a friend and try out their flowchart.

  • What option did you end up with?
  • Can you think of any improvements to make to their flowchart