4.5 The need for standards when transferring data

What is the OSI model?

The OSI model is a conceptual model for networking devices, that splits the networking process in to 7 abstract layers. The purpose of the OSI model was to allow a diverse range of communication devices to interconnect using a series of standard protocols.

AQA Exam

It is not necessary to know all the layers of the OSI model for the exam, students must only be able to explain the importance of standards when communicating through networks. That being said, those students who have a basic grasp of the OSI model will find a question regarding standards much easier to answer. 

The model

Application Layer

This layer deals with display the data to the user and handling data inputted by the user. This is the layer that the user interacts with.

Presentation Layer
Session Layer
Transport Layer
Network Layer
Data Link Layer
Physical Layer